Research 2015: Abstract

Human body is continuously exposed to different types of agents that results in the production of reactive species called as free radicals (ROS/RNS) which by the transfer of their free unpaired electron causes the oxidation of cellular machinery. In order to encounter the deleterious effects of such species, body has got endogenous antioxidant systems that neutralizes such species and keeps the homeostasis of body. ANY IMBALANCE between the RS and antioxidants leads to produce a condition known as “oxidative stress” that results in the development of pathological condition among which one is DIABETES.

Most of the studies reveal the inference of oxidative stress in diabetes pathogenesis by the alteration in enzymatic systems, lipid peroxidation, impaired Glutathione metabolism and decreased Vitamin C levels.

Lipids, proteins, DNA damage, Glutathione, catalane and superoxide dismutase are various biomarkers of oxidative stress in diabetes mellitus.

Oxidative stress induced complications of diabetes may include stroke, neuropathy, retinopathy and nephropathy.

GSH is in high concentrations in the Pancreas to rid excess oxidative damage / free radicals. Also GSH is high concentrations intracellular in brain, eyes and liver. Unless you have adequate GSH how can your cells function to their optimum and how can you maintain health? Please contact me for more information, rid your oxidative stress and maintain healthy cells. Have a great day


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