This is pretty explanatory,

Glutathione and Diabetes

Diabetes causes a significant decrease in the precursors needed to synthesize Glutathione in the body. Namely cysteine and glycine.

Patients with uncontrolled type 2 Diabetes almost always have a severe Glutathione deficiency. Glutathione is not only important for Diabetics to supplement, it is vital for a long and healthy life regardless of your health situation.

The ability of a cell to resist the damage caused by oxidative stress is determined by the capacity of an array of antioxidants. The most abundant and important of these defenses is Glutathione. Found in every living cell on the planet, it is critical to rid our cells of harmful toxins and heavy metals. Healing the damaged cells and helping prevent disease, cancers, neurological disorders and even helping to reverse the aging process.

Supplementing with Glutathione precursors, patients suffering with hyperglycemia can help restore their Glutathione synthesis, lower their oxidative stress levels and prevent / heal oxidative damage to their cells.

GSH is so very important, please contact me for more info, have a great day


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