I decided today to post the response to a question of why my white tongue – this was posted in my Leaky gut group!!!

The white coating is pretty much a sure thing of a systemic candida situation. I did not have to research far to see that systemic candida is very prevalent in the achalasia situation. In this case the systemic candida is mostly situated in the esophagus. Your white coated tongue is a symptom of this systemic candida.

I found this research from 2000

Increased apoptosis was associated with depletion of intracellular glutathione (GSH), and could be inhibited by the addition of exogenous GSH. These data demonstrate an important physiologic role for host-pathogen interactions in the resolution of inflammation and suggest that the response to an invading pathogen is an important stimulus to the restoration of normal immunologic homeostasis. The pathogen in this study was systemic candida.

So what this is saying is that GSH is used up in removing candida ( the pathogen) and the replenishing of GSH enables the cells to restore homeostasis.

GSH replenishing is so crucial for all systems, very much so the Digestive system

. I have clients that over time will remove their candida, then aid the cells to function to their optimum.

I know in your achalasia you have huge oxidative damage, you also have systemic candida, it goes without saying that you are depleted in your concentrations of GSH, if your cells were to be given the opportunity to replenish their own GSH daily you would see benefits, it would not be overnight however it would happen.

Please let me know if this makes sense to you. Please note also that there are a great number of companies that are promoting GSH for our cells.

There is only one effective method of allowing our cells to replenish, it is the Primary whey that delivers unaltered cysteine to our cells so they can replenish their own GSH, if you took any product that states they supply GSH to the cell you are wasting your hard earned money because the cell cannot accept the full GSH molecule, so any other product is only about 40% effective for GSH replenishing. GSH-I is 100% effective in aiding our cells.


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