Going to do a review of Pancreas and GSH this wk!!

I think this is significant:

The pancreas plays a major role, along with the kidney, liver, small intestine, and several other organs, in glutathione (GSH) metabolism, as evidenced by the large concentration of GSH in the pancreas, its rapid turnover rate, and the presence, at significant levels, of various enzymes involved in GSH metabolism

To further this though:

Decreased cellular GSH content is a common finding in experimental and human diabetes, in which increased oxidative

stress appears to occur. Oxidative stress has been suggested to

play a causative role in the development of impaired insulin

action on adipose tissue and skeletal muscle.

So if you wish to have adequate GSH and a healthy Pancreas you need to allow your cells to replenish GSH daily, please contact me for more information, have a great day


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