you know there are no less than 72 drugs that are available for asthma aid!!!!

Consider this, I can understand about 10 drugs, because asthma has different causes and traditional treatment requires alternatives, however 72!!!!!?????? In my mind this states loud and clear that the drugs for asthma do not truly work very well.

They have side effects as well, long term useage causes health problems elsewhere other than the lungs in our bodies.

NOW consider this, if a person had adequate GSH intracellular in all our cells, our Immune response would be better to fight the inflammation and asthma, if you were unable to fight this problem totally then GSH would also PROTECT the organs that suffer from drug side effects.

There are NO side effects from GSH replenishing, only goodness. GSH replenishing rocks!!! please contact me for more info, have a grand day


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