Asthma: Old Disease, New Treatments

Hippocrates made medical reference to the condition in 450 BC. It was not until the first part of the 1900’s that bronchodilators started to be used. Then in the 1960s anti-inflammatory medications were added to the treatment of asthma.

The ANTI INFLAMMATORY use is one of the clues to the asthma glutathione connection.

Note… In November 2005 the Food and Drug Administration released a health advisory regarding long acting asthma medicines. The warning cited findings that long use of the angonists could result in worsening of symptoms and in some cases death.

Some of these include salmeterol, formoterol, bambuterol, and albuterol SR. The most common combinitation inhaler is Advair in the US and Seretide in the UK.

Promoting health and wellness has been found to help with the management of many disease states. High on the list of any disease that produces oxidative stress would be reduction of the stressors and reduction of inflammation.

Medicine attempts to do this from the outside working in. What would happen if the treatment was to come from the inside out? In other words, build the body from the inside to do what the medicines do from the outside.

Science knows that GSH is the bodies most efficient anti inflammatory agent, replenish daily makes asthma much easier to control.

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