What Does This Research Add Up To?

That People Who Are In Excellent Physical And Mental Health Have HIGH Levels Of Glutathione…

…whereas low levels of glutathione have been found as a marker for the major diseases of our time, including the neurodegenerative Alzheimers disease, Parkinsons disease and Lou Gehrigs disease.

DR. JIMMY GUTMAN, FACEP, presents many of these findings in layman’s terms, that are relevant to Lou Gehrigs disease.

It has been medically known since the late 90’s how to stimulate the body’s own production of glutathione safely and effectively without drugs, so as to promote and restore health.

Canadian and German scientists collaborated and thus came the Primary Whey. It is the most effective method of allowing our cells to replenish their own GSH. Please contact me for more info. Do have a great wkend.


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