A Key To Neurological Degeneration and ALS

The picture that emerges from research is that glutathione’s role is to protect us against the main villains that are at the root of aging and diseases like Lou Gehrigs:

1) free radicals and oxidative stress, 2) an over or under-active immune response 3) toxins and pollutants, and 4) mutations in ourDNA.

The problem is that glutathione is rapidly consumed on a daily basis through normal metabolism, illness and even exercise.

Without a good supply of glutathione, you have an inadequate defense system, and this can eventually lead to illness and to neurodegenerative diseases such as Lou Gehrigs disease.

There are people who have recovered from ALS, Lou Gehrigs disease, and this may be the scientific basis for their recovery!

To allow our cells to replenish their own GSH daily is the most effective method of protection against free radicals. Please contact me for more info. Have a great day


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