What some scientists say about GSH:

There is no doubt that LOW glutathione — GSH levels — accelerate brain cell death and that elevated levels slow the progression of neurodegeneration.

Glutathione is the major naturally-occurring antioxidant in the brain and serves to combat these oxyradicals. Intervention with glutathione-enhancing therapies would be helpful.”

•Not just another antioxidant, glutathione is the body’s MOST POWERFUL PROTECTOR and HEALING AGENT, according to 700,000 medical studies on GSH.

•Why? Glutathione is key because “It’s the body’s ‘decision-maker’ of oxidant/antioxidant balance” says Dr. Bikul Das, a researcher in molecular biology.

And not only does it protect from free radical damage, but from bacteria, viruses, toxins, pollutants and even cancer.

Allowing our cells to replenish GSH daily is most effective, please contact me for more info, do take care and have a wonderful wkend


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