People with Lou Gehrigs disease, it turns out, have a LOW levels of

glutathione, or GSH.

•This causes damage to the neurons from “oxidative stress.” And although this is to some degree part of the aging process, it has been shown to have a more specific or “targeted” role in neuro-degenerative diseases such as Lou Gehrigs disease.

Neurological diseases such as Lou Gherigs are particularly characterized by high levels of oxidative stress and free radical formation -– oxyradicals — as well as abnormalities in glutathione metabolism and antioxidant defenses.

Even mental stress has been shown to destabilize oxidant/antioxidant balance in the brain.

This is SO important to know, lack of GSH causes problems in our bodies, so by the other means, we can prevent and MAINTAIN our bodies if only we allow our cells to replenish their GSH daily, it is Crucial, please contact me for more info do take care


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