Science, Stephen Hawking and Lou Gehrig

Scientists are showing us key factors underlying the

Lou Gehrig disease process.

This has led to powerful new discoveries for slowing its progress and even to improve Lou Gehrigs symptoms.

Researchers have identified the following:

•That “oxidative stress,” which causes damage due to “free radicals” (“oxy-radical” formation), has a specific PATTERN found to be characteristic of a number of neurodegenerative disorders, including Lou Gehrig’s disease.

•That “oxidative stress” causes disease (has a pathogenic role) where motor neurons are vulnerable, and this increased “oxidative stress” is particularly characteristic of Lou Gehrig’s disease.

What is the key protective molecule against this damage?

Researchers found the DEPLETION of a small protective molecule in the motor neuron, called glutathione, (GSH) and this LACK of GSH is seen as the “Mechanism of Toxicity.”

•Fortunately, there is also a discovery of a glutathione building protein that is helping people reverse this depletion.

With this protein people are slowing their disease are even improving their Lou Gehrig symptoms!

We know that NOTHING is more efficient in our bodies than GSH to rid oxidative damage, free radicals, allowing to replenish GSH daily is SO CRUCIAL FOR OUR CELLS.
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