As I sit here today I have to mention something that is happening to me at present. If you don’t know what a Baker’s knee is look it up, until 3 yrs ago I had not heard of it. I developed it in the right knee 3 yrs ago and when it was so very painful I honestly thought I had a blood clot in my leg. So going to the doc Bakers knee was my diagnosis. He told me then and there when it gets too bad to bare then call me and I will set you up for a knee replacement. That is traditional treatment, remove the knee.
Well I worked very hard to heal it because I was too young for a replacement. With my replenishing GSH, my lights I was able to heal my knee, it took 7 mths but I did it.

I was without powder for 2 wks as I mentioned before when customs held my shipment up. That was enough to set my left knee into a Bakers knee. I am healing it faster this time because along with my replenishing and my lights I now have the hydro therapy in my tub.

I only tell you this because arthritis is harsh, I am a living testament to replenishing and good methods of healing. IF we give our bodies the appropriate aid it heals itself, however take away the crucial aspect of our cells, GSH and you are in trouble.

Please think long and hard, maintaining is so easy, regaining is harder, it can be accomplished, however it is harder. I thank the good Lord each day for what He has given me, I am truly blessed.

Have a great wkend, contact me for more info on replenishing.


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