Last wk I mentioned that I was so in trouble because we had run out of GSH-I. Well I am very happy to say that yesterday after 6 wks coming across Canada we got it finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This has happened only one other time in 9 years however that is too often!!!!!

Our bodies will take a few days to recover from the lack of replenishing however we are back on track now!!! I don’t need reminding of what this means to my family and I, Jon will rid his inflammation again and have some pain relief, we are truly blessed and thank the good Lord each and every day for what we receive. WHEW!!!!!!

GSH replenishing gives us our health, it is crucial for cellular function to its optimum, ridding inflammation and maintaining organ and thus optimum system function. With it I am pretty well, without it I am ill. Within 3 days without it I am unwell. This is why daily replenishing aids us, the body gets use to the goodness coming to it and utilizes GSH to extreme advantage. Contact me for improved health. Do take care and have a wonderful day I will now!!!!


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