Leaky gut syndrome a source of toxicity

Leaky gut is exactly what it sounds like. The Intestinal tract is like a fine screen mesh, which only lets nutrients of a certain size thru. The Nutrients then pass into the Hepatic Portal blood vessels, which brings nutrients to the liver, your chemical detoxification plant.

In a leaky gut condition, the Intestinal tract becomes inflamed and the selective permeability ( letting only digested food particles thru ) breaks down. This allows the passage of normally digested building blocks ( amino and fatty acids and simple sugars from carbohydrates ) but also the passage of larger food particles ( larger chain proteins, fats and carbohydrates, as well as toxins that were never meant to pass thru.

This can be likened to a window screen. If the screen is functioning properly with no holes in it, air will pass thru but not the insects. In leaky gut, instead of only letting digested food particles thru, larger food particles and toxins enter. This causes the Immune system to become weaker and overstimulated. It is like the screen with holes in it letting the insects go thru.

IN COMES GSH, replenish daily and you rid the inflammation, gain the intact gut, aids the liver and the kidneys from toxin overload.

Replenish daily is the answer, please contact me


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