Today I would like to tell you my story, it is one of pure anger and frustration……..

I have psoriatic arthritis, plain and simple. For 7 yrs now I have been keeping it the closet, I knew I have it however no real problems, NOW there is a problem. In its wisdom, Canada post has decided to cause problems, in an already difficult time in this Country. My GSH-I who I rely on daily has been held up for 3 wks, not in customs because I got notice it is out of customs; so between Toronto and home. I have been without product now for one wk only, I know now what it means to replenish my GSH.

In one wk I now have a left knee that is developing quickly a Bakers knee, traditionally the only way to aid this is a knee replacement. I did have a cyst on the right side 6 years ago however I upped my GSH replenishing and was able to stop the leak and absorb the fluid so the cyst absorbed and no problem. SO traditional is not necessarily correct. However unless I get my product to replenish soon I will be on the knee replacement list.

My left arm is very much in inflammation mode, my hand is numb most of the time, carpal tunnel stemming from my elbow and wrist.

I have twinges of my plantar fasciitis returning as well……… I am fatigued and not sleeping well because of the pain in my knee.

This is in a WK!!!!! 1 WK!!!!!!!!!

I did not need to know what my replenishing meant because I knew already – replenishing my GSH gave me a life without pain, gave me a body I could enjoy.

So if you read this I have no idea why someone would not wish to replenish and make sure your GSH is adequate. Take it from someone who is now in trouble, big trouble.

If you have arthritis of any kind, or ANY illness, it will get worse, nature of the illness beast, ANY illness gets worse. WHY would anyone not wish a happy healthy life is beyond me, in one wk I know again what it is to be unhealthy, it is not a good place to be. If you have the means to allow your body to replenish then do it, take it from someone who is in trouble again, it is not worth it for one minute. I feel sorry for those that do not listen and take action. They will be in worse trouble, sooner than later. Not worth it to be in my shoes once again, believe me. It is not only arthritis, it is the Immune system – think of what your Immune system does, then think or your future, if a person can regain and maintain the strength and balance of the most important system in the body, then it is worth it to do so for the future of your body.

Hope I get my product soon, hope the po does not go out!!!!! Have a good wkend

If you wish to gain body health and maintain it please contact me

take care


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