Environmental toxins are known to cause depletion of GLUTATHIONE. Maybe not surprisngly, glutathione deficiency has been implicated in a whole range of chronic degenerative disorders including all of the environmental illnesses covered by this site.

Also of note is the influence glutathione levels have on immune function. Like all cells, immune cells rely up on glutathione for defense against free radicals. Glutathione is also required for the activation of natural killer cells and for many other functions of specific immune cells.

Clearly in this modern age of toxic living it is wise for everybody to be aware of their glutathione status but for environmental illness sufferers it is essential since their levels of this vital detoxifier have almost certainly been compromised already.

GSH-I is the most efficient method of giving our cells the ability to replenish GSH. Life is good when you can regain and maintain health!!!! contact me for more info. Take care


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