2011 research showing GSH is important in fighting infections:

Genetic GSH deficiency and immunity

Glutathione synthetase (GS) deficiency (oxoprolinuria) is a rare autosomal recessive disorder affecting about 70 patients in the world. Patients with severe GS deficiency show, among other conditions, an increased susceptibility to bacterial infections.

One case report showed that neutrophils from a child with GS deficiency undergo oxidative damage upon phagocytosis, indicating that GSH is important in defending the neutrophils from the ROS they produce as part of their microbicidal armamentarium.7 Of note, neutrophils from GS-deficient patients, despite normal phagocytosis and increased release of hydrogen peroxide, are less efficient in killing bacteria, INDICATING A HELPER ROLE FOR GSH IN THE BACTERICIDAL ACTIVITY.

GSH has many jobs, all crucial in our cells, fighting infection is one of those jobs, you require adequate GSH to be effective, contact me for more info


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