Could this be the reason that we are finding that those that suffer from parkinsons improve and stabilize with GSH replenishing? Remember one thing, GSH is 85% intracellular in brain, GSH is bodies most efficient method of inflammation removal…..

research 2013-

Reversing inflammation in the fluid surrounding the brain’s cortex may provide a solution to the complex riddle of Parkinson’s, according to researchers who have found a link between pro-inflammatory biomarkers and the severity of symptoms such as fatigue, depression and anxiety in patients with the chronic disease.

Replenishing GSH is so crucial, just think if we replenished and MAINTAINED health, just think if there were less parkinsons, diabetis, autism, arthritis and the list goes on and on and on. Please contact me for more information on GSH replenishing with the most effective method – GSH-Immunity Have a most wonderful day and wkend!!!!! take care


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