Picture this…if you had a line-up of people, each with an apple in their hand..the only food they had and someone came to the top of the line and stole the first person’s (let’s call him Jones) apple, he’d then turn and steal from Smith, who’d then turn and steal from Brown, who’d then turn and steal from Green, etc, etc, all the way down the line. What we need is a farmer ( an antioxidant) who comes and places an apple in the one empty hand to stop the cascade of events and bring everything back to harmony. That is essentially what is going on in free radical propagation and damage..a process called “Oxidation” and why we need “Antioxidants” or those substances which stop the madness. When this type of damage occurs in your DNA for example, the end result is often mutations or serious changes in the DNA which replicate themselves to become cancer, possibly. Again this emphasizes the need for antioxidants. Free radicals even damage cellular proteins..many of which are enzymes which control your body’s functions..to allow it to perform at its best..and now these enzymes becomes either weakened or destroyed altogether…and because of this…if this process is allowed to carry on for a long time…chronic diseases of aging set in.

ENTER GLUTATHIONE!!! Master Antioxidant, rids excess oxidation, aids cells to remain strong and healthy. Contact me!!!


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